The 10PP Team

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Kamila McDonald


Energetic, motivated and passionate certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, TV reporter and producer from Kingston, Jamaica who once struggled with her own weight and is now committed to motivating and inspiring others to experience the highest quality of life through healthy living.

She was crowned Miss Jamaica World Beach Beauty 2009 after which she established her health and fitness company ‘JamRock Fitness’ where she currently runs various fitness initiatives, classes, personal training and nutritional counseling sessions.

Kamila holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (with honors) in Communication and Media Studies from Stanford University and a Master’s in Journalism from UC Berkeley where she was a recipient of the prestigious Kaiser Permanente Health Journalism scholarship and conducted research on obesity prevention in marginalized communities.

Kamila was crowned Miss Jamaica Bikini 2013, one year after giving birth to her daughter and has used her experiences to build a strong and engaging social media audience where she continues to send positive, fitness and nutrition messages in an effort to be an inspirational catalyst for healthy living across the world.

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Marc Gayle


After building many web products for clients over the last decade, most recently through 5KMVP, Marc had a desire to build a product of his own. Having completed his MBA at the University of Tampa, and a BA in Computer Science at Eckerd College a few years prior, Marc decided to move back to Jamaica with his wife to raise his three children.

Upon return, Marc became very involved in the local tech community and is commonly considered one of the more vocal voices. He does his best to help out fellow entrepreneurs. He writes on a variety of topics for a wide array of leading technology blogs such as Techcrunch, SixRevisions, Smashing Magazine. His writing has also been featured in the well known British newspaper, The Economist. He also writes on his personal blog at Some of his more popular pieces are: a guide to cash flow vs profit for developers, How Dropbox is printing money and a plea for Caribbean developers to become Digital Craftsmen. Even though Marc has built many projects before, he considers his journey building 10PP to be the most significant, challenging and rewarding to date. He often jokes that even though he ‘taught’ himself to write web software, building 10PP was harder.

Being a lifelong friend with Kamila, they have always discussed working on a project together - but finally the right time came and 10PP was created. Marc was able to take all of the experiences he gained - not just as a web software developer, but also as an entrepreneur and lover of startup culture - and pour it into the beautiful result that is 10PP.

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Darren Scott


Darren Scott is a freelance film Director and Cinematographer (director of photography) with expertise in camerawork and lighting. In the past 5 years he has focused on the art of storytelling through a visual medium, within the Film and Advertising industry of Jamaica.

He has worked on numerous projects and his clientele includes, Jamaica Aids Support for Life, Caribbean Vulnerable Communities, Jamaica Broilers Ltd, Appliances Traders Ltd, National Council on Drug Abuse, Flow Jamaica, Digicel Jamaica, COK Sodality Co-operative Credit Union Ltd (COK), OGM communications Ltd, Dunlop Corbin Communications, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Creative Production Training Center (CPTC), Ashe Performing Arts Company, National Commercial Bank ,Virgin Mobile amongst many others. He has also collaborated on several music videos with international Reggae Artistes such as Romain Virgo, Voicemail, Konshens, Ryan Mark, Lypher.

He co-wrote and directed short films such as “Prisoner 501” and “Seatime Fishaman” and was director photography on the award winning short film “Gravedigger” (directed by Gabrielle Blackwood), which was an official selection at the Trinidad and Tobago International film Festival.

Darren is of the belief that one is always learning and as such is always hungry to learn more about his craft and how life can be visualized in unique ways through the lens. In his spare time he enjoys traveling overseas and within Jamaica to new interesting places.

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David Johnson


David Johnson, operating under the alias "Boncrek", is a passionate Jamaican film-maker who first began in 2008. His first creative project won awards in Barbados at the Kingdom Arts Film Festival in 2009 and again in 2010.

Since then he has become well versed in many areas of production as a freelancer such as director, camera operator, location sound recorder, gaffer and editor. A born-again Christian, he leads the visual department of the Audio-Visual Team at his church. In 2012 he joined the Christian media group known as "The Movement" and is responsible in part for creating evangelistic content with high production value.

He is now currently a final year student at the University of Technology aggressively pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communication Arts and Technology with specialization in Advertising.

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Kia Williams


This ‘Professional Daydreamer’ and ‘Imaginationist’ spends her time coming up with creative concepts and scribbling ideas in notebooks, on neon post-its and scrap pieces of paper. Her best ideas usually come from staring into space, slightly to the left.

Kia graduated with a Bachelor Of Fine Arts Degree (Honours) in Advertising from The School Of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York in 2007.

While in New York, she worked at DeVito/Verdi as a Creative on brands such as Mt. Sinai Hospital, Sports Authority, Four Eyes and Levitz. She also worked at BBDO, New York and Uniworld Group Inc. as a Creative Intern on brands such as MNM’s, Pizza Hut, Bayer Aspirin, Ford and Burger King.

After New York, Kia moved to London, England where she worked at McCann Erickson, as a Creative on brands such as Windows Phone, The London 2012 Olympic Games, Microsoft Xbox, MasterCard, L'Oréal Paris, Nescafé and more.

Kia was awarded a Graphis Gold Award in America for Excellence In Advertising in 2007, with 8 pieces in the Graphis New Talent Annual. She was also selected to be in the 2007 Art Director’s Club’s National Student Portfolio Review and The One Club’s Thirteenth Annual Student Exhibition in New York, for the top 100 Advertising Students in the U.S.A. She was also one of the CREAM 2008 winners in London.

In 2011, Kia moved back to her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica where she became the Associate Creative Director at Prism Communications. While at Prism, she was responsible for conceptualizing creative ideas, developing and overseeing the creative process for several advertising campaigns. This included ad campaigns for Red Stripe, Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Red Bull, Digicel, Flow, Columbus Business Solutions, Salada, Copperwood Pork, Nestle, Caribbean Cement Company and more.

While at Prism, Kia led the creative for a fully integrated advertising campaign for Red Stripe, in celebration of Jamaica’s 50th Independence. A campaign that disrupted the category by looking to the future during a time when everyone else was looking to the past. The futuristic TV ad was ranked one of the best ads in the world by the international advertising organization, on August 14th, 2012 and was thus featured in the Gleaner.

Kia left Prism in December of 2013 to go out on her own with a smaller team and has since then joined 10PP as one of their two Creative Directors and Copywriter.

Her hobbies include writing, painting, photography, dancing, original joke construction, screaming out wrong answers at the TV when Jeopardy is on and thinking about exercising (usually followed by eating instead). She is also a blue belt in Karate and is highly dangerous to no one.

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Jordan-Peter Moses


Jordan is a man of many talents. He's like a modern-day Leonardo Da Vinci with a Jamaican accent, a MAC computer and crazy football skills. He's a Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Footballer and Part-time Farmer.

When it comes to the creative process, Jordan has the ability to take concepts from idea generation to pixel-perfect design execution, while juggling a football.

Second only to his love for sports, is his love for creating business ventures from scratch and watching them soar to new heights of awesomeosity. And no, that's not a word.

After completing his BA in Graphic Design at the University of Tampa, he returned to Jamaica to pursue his career. He started off at Prism Communications, where he worked on multiple advertising campaigns including Red Stripe, Smirnoff, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Red Bull, Digicel, Flow, Columbus Business Solutions, Salada, Copperwood Pork, Nestle, Caribbean Cement Company and more.

Jordan left Prism in January 2014, to go out on his own to pursue his dreams of being an entrepreneur. One of the first stops along the way, was joining the stellar 10PP team, as one of their two Creative Directors and Art Director. And this is just the beginning.

When you think of a farmer, Jordan is as far as you can possibly get from that image in your head. But that's what he is. An idea-generating, design-executing, creative-and-art-directing, goal-scoring, sports-car-driving farmer.

In addition to Jordan's dream of eventually providing two-thirds of Jamaica with fresh produce and livestock, is his dream to help young football talent develop to reach their full potential and use that gift as a stepping stone to improving their lives.